people’s opinions

“You’re too..”


You’re too skinny


You’re too fat 


You’re too smart 


You’re too slow


You’re too shy


You’re too social


You flirt too much 


You don’t flirt enough


You lift too much


You don’t lift enough


You wear too little makeup 


You wear too much makeup


My personal favorite “you’re too independent” 


Is there even such a thing?


Perhaps, I missed the birth of it. 


I’m almost positive at some point in life, you’ve been told one of these “you’re too this or that…”


Many of us are guilty of letting these opinions dictate our lives (myself included); that we begin to judge ourselves oh so harshly. In actuality, there is no need to because 

a.) opinions are not truths and b.) most people’s opinions are based on how they perceive themselves.


My suggestion – surround yourselves with people who like YOU for who YOU are and will celebrate YOU for who YOU are. Because, who YOU are, is an original masterpiece. 


If the people around you do not embody such qualities. Please…PLEASE  find a new tribe. 

by Venetia320

My name is Venetia and I hope my writing inspires creativity, motivation, self-love and all the above.


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