Zeal & Deep Throat



I am Linda Lovelace. 

Lovelace is me. 

Just without the camera’s in my face 

and without the historic movie. 

There is a movie. 

I’ve done two. 


She was just a young woman 

at a time of her life. 

Meets an older man 

while she’s evaluating herself 

after childbirth. 

Insecurities all over the place 

and this guy 

Who appears so nice, honest…. 

your family likes him. 

The difference, I kept my child. 


Obey your husband. 

I was never told that 

But I saw repeatedly what happens  

When you didn’t. 

I did so to keep peace. 

I did so in order to find my happiness. 

I did so for my son to not see 

how horrid of a Step Father he had. 

To learn that he knew. 



She was happy to please. 

And so was I. 

Her future husband is who taught her. 

Her future husband is why she did the movie. 

Her husband pimped her out. 

I understand that. 

Deep throat isn’t my specialty. 

He taught me ANAL.  

Thing is, she liked her new skill. 

I felt like I was raped. 

Until I was 

by my own husband. 


The drugs that followed 

just to cope. 

Then we lost everything. 

Went from the Upper West Side Two Bedroom 

to a room on the Concourse. 

That’s when I did the movie. 

Was popular in Germany…. 

at least, that’s what I was told.  


Lovelace is me. 

I am Linda. 

You never know who you would relate to.  




Author: Circe
Email: confusingatp@gmail.com
Author Bio: I’m a blank page. No, I’m an incomplete book. Waiting for the ending. Passing the pen around, so those can add their part. It takes a village they say. Escaped the womb in ’85. The first time I cried about being alive. New York City is my home, but other States have my heart. My son is just like me. Hate that my son is just like me. Luckily, he doesn’t have parents like I did, so he won’t lose his spark….so he can be better than me.

My family is whole another issue. But I won’t go into that. Does it even matter? In the end, they are who they are and not even the God or the Goddess can change that. I’m always asked for a bio. Social Media wants to know about me. So others can decide if they like me. I don’t even like me, so what’s the point.

Greetings! I’m Circe


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