I’ve cried so many
that the seas could never
break my eyes,
I guess I waited
for too long.
I believed to be written
in the stars,
in your destinies,
in the whispers at midnight
or in the wishes
to a sky that was
very small for you;
I guess it was
too much.
I saved January
and I wanted him not to grow
into December
but the winter is cruel
and the seasons don’t wait,
not even because of the traffic of the trains;
I guess I waited,
that’s all.
The constellations envy you
because you wear them like
and anyone would want
to be a planet
to orbit around you;
I did
and I would never forget
that after so many dances
I burnt so bad that the universe
went blind and dark,
for a while
and forever.
Decade eleven without you,
I never thought
that I would come this far;
my skin and bones
are stardust
and moon rocks
waiting to come back to the start,
when everything was zero,
and give up
after being counting eternities
like grains of sand
in their hourglass.
After all
we both know
that I will wait for your steps
to blow me.
One more time
and forever.

by losmundosdero

I write since I was twelve, it started as a relief of the bad times I was going through but then it became a vocation. I've been published in some anthologies and won some contests and recently I publishe my first book "Everything That The World Wanted To Be". Even a radio in Argentina read one of my stories!
Writing is not my only passion, I also love photography. I won some photography contests too and I have two Instagram accounts so I can share colored photos and B&W shots.


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