I Am Woman: Poetry Series

A Woman

You asked me what does it mean to be a woman?

I thought for awhile, in deep contemplation. I sat with my heart

I drained my soul with my tears, I feel, even with emptiness.

I walked through the fire and felt the pain ripple through

my sensations of sensitivity, I’m alive, even though it hurts.


I stood barefoot, grounded into the earth, I felt the power of stability

the unrelenting strength of deep roots, I’m centered

even though the wind calls me. I smelt the most beautiful rose

I was mesmerized by the essence of delicate aroma

of sensuality, I realized that beauty came in many forms.


There’s a naturalness to femininity.

To be a woman is to be, life


To be a woman, is all.




Earth Women

All women are like earth

They may crack at times

but they’ll always be

Solid ground.




She’s Strong

I’m a woman

that stands together

with shattered pieces

of what I’ve learnt

from just being one.







Author: Liem
Email: liempoetry@gmail.com
Author Bio: Hi my name is Leisharn Gregory. I go by the poet name liempoetry on Instagram. I’m an Australian Indigenous woman from Western Australia. I have an interest in art, writing, astrology, mythology and ancient cultures. I love to connect to, inspire and motivate people by creating resonating and uplifting poems.
Link to social media or website: http://bit.ly/liempoetry

by Liem

Hi, my name is Leisharn Gregory. I'm a writer under the pseudonym of Liem. You can find my poetry under liempoetry on Instagram, and Facebook.

I’m an Australian Indigenous woman from Western Australia. My interests are in Art, Writing, Molecular biology, Physics, Nutrition, Astrology, Mythology, Ancient cultures, Philosophy, Hypnotherapy Past Life Regression, and Psychotropic Plants.

I love to connect, inspire and motivate people.

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