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7 Best Sapphic Romance Books

These days, lesbian romance books are widely read. There are many brand-new books about lesbian romance, but for our selection, we chose some favorites. 

With the help of this list of books, you can learn more about what sapphic romance books have to offer and which ones you should start reading.

  1. The One Woman by Laura May

The One Woman, a new lesbian romance book by Laura May. Up until Ann turns up, Julie’s life and her relationship with Mark are ordinary. Ann, a web developer, is charming and intelligent. The affection Julie has for Ann cannot be denied.

When their history and present collide, a genuine spark is ignited in Barcelona. When tragedy strikes, Julie will have to decide between Mark’s loyalty and Ann’s affection. Can true love endure when it is distant? In Laura May’s book, you can learn the answer.

  1. Beautiful Dreamer by Melissa Brayde

Devyn Winters, a real estate broker in Philadelphia, is at the pinnacle of her profession and loving it. Her early years at Dreamer’s Bay, when the twice-yearly bake sale was the most thrilling event, have largely been wiped from her memory. Sadly, a distress call brings her back to her house and away from the life she’s built. When will she be able to leave once more is the question at hand. And when did the unattractive Elizabeth Draper become so lovely?

People, leisure time, and a good cup of coffee in the sun are three things Elizabeth Draper enjoys. She works for On the Spot, an odd jobs business, alone in the sleepy hamlet of Dreamer’s Bay. In high school, she thought Devyn Winters was shallow; nevertheless, right now, everything about Devyn causes her to become distracted. Her heart didn’t seem to understand that Devyn is just temporarily home, despite the fact that her head did.

  1. Read Between the Lines by Rachel Lacey

Rosie Taft’s life is books. They have also been her home since she took over her mother’s cherished Manhattan bookstore. What could be more romantic than falling in love with her favorite author, Brie, who she has developed a flirtatious online friendship with?

Jane Breslin makes a concerted effort to keep her personal and professional lives apart. She is employed at the family real estate development company throughout the day. She writes under the alias Brie at night to express her steamier side. Jane hasn’t had much luck finding love on her own, but she starts to wonder whether she might be the one after making an internet connection with a devoted reader.

The romance takes a back seat when Rosie finds out that the lease on her bookstore has been terminated by the company owned by Jane’s family. There is no doubting the sparks that fly whenever they are together, despite the fact that they are at odds. Will Jane be able to write her way to a happy ending when their online identities are uncovered, or is Rosie’s heart a closed book?

  1. Those Who Wait by Haley Cass

Sutton Spencer’s goals in life were very straightforward: complete graduate school and find love. If she could decide precisely what she should do after graduating in less than a year, life would be much simpler. Oh, and it would be wonderful if she could learn how to converse with a woman without coming across as a complete disaster. 

The complete opposite is Charlotte Thompson. She has never had the time or desire for romance and has always had defined milestones detailing her road to achievement. She values her budding political career greatly and is unwilling to give it up for something as trivial as love. Swift, easygoing, and discrete were all ideal. It’s instantly obvious that they aren’t compatible for anything more than friendship when they first meet through a dating app. Right?

  1. Change Of Heart by Clare Lydon

For her parents’ anniversary party, Erin Stewart hires a false date, but she ends up getting more than she anticipated. She first lands Steph Mitchell, a professional actor who is moreover stunning. Second, she encounters a solid barrier of conflict in the family. Just five days remain. Take a deep breath. Furthermore, she can certainly overcome it with Steph’s assistance, right?

But Erin didn’t anticipate that her fictitious romance with the attractive Steph would seem so intensely authentic. She also doesn’t foresee their explosive attraction going out of hand and having disastrous results for everyone. Is Steph destined to be Erin’s downfall or vice versa?

  1. Payback’s a Witch by Lana Harper

Emmy Harlow is a witch, but she isn’t a very strong one—in part because she hasn’t visited the magical hamlet of Thistle Grove in years. Her self-imposed exile has a lot to do with her tangled family background and desire to make her own place in the world, and only the slightest bit to do with Gareth Blackmoore, who is the heir to the most potent magical family in the area and a habitual heartbreaker and dream-destroyer.

The tug of tradition (or the genuinely spectacular parental guilt trip that goes along with it) is apparently powerful enough to lure Emmy back when a spellcasting competition for which her family participates as arbiters approaches. She has made it her mission to fulfill her family’s expectations, spend quality time with her best friend Linden Thorn, and return to her normal life in Chicago.

Emmy meets Talia Avramov, a fierce expert in the darker magical arts, on her first night back. Talia is just getting over a breakup with Gareth Blackmoore. When Talia gave in to charm, she found that Linden and Gareth were seeing each other secretly. She now seeks retaliation, as does Linden. Is Emmy in? It’s the only remaining question.

However, what worries her the most is why she keeps picturing the terrifyingly smart, stunningly beautiful, and seductively alluring Talia Avramov.

  1. Our Wives Under the Sea by Julia Armfield

It has altered Leah. She was a marine biologist who had earlier left for an usual excursion; but, this time, her submarine became aground. Her wife Miri recognizes that something is not right when she eventually emerges and arrives home. Leah wanders between their apartment’s rooms, barely eating and preoccupied with her thoughts while turning on the faucets day and night. Leah had brought a piece of whatever occurred on that ship—or whatever it was they were supposed to be learning before they became stranded—with her to their home on dry land. The thought that the woman she loves is eluding her grasp must be faced as Miri looks for explanations in her desperation to learn what transpired below the surface of the ocean.

What are your favorite lesbian romance novels?


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