Mental Health

Lessons in Moving On

by Colleen George
Poetry hold

To the girl searching for answers:

by Esther Gonzales
Home & DIY

How To Get Rid Of Blocked Drains?

by Mark Simon

this kind of love

by Esther Gonzales

soil of growth

by Esther Gonzales

Savannah’s Coffee and Talks

by Arantxa Hernandez

Dual Pandemics: COVID-19 and Racism – What Comes Next?

by Rian Weinstein

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You Have A Story To Tell.

We have a home for it. Harness is dedicated to creating a community where everyone’s voice matters, and now it’s time to speak your truth. Are you ready to be heard?

ASHLEY RECTOR • Founder / Writer • View Profile
ASHLEY RECTOR • Founder / Writer • View Profile
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