Mental Health

These Feelings

by Kelsie Stark

Don’t be scared to be vulnerable, we are all connected.

by Brianna Ramsey

Judge Not

by Sunny Houk

Everyone Be Cool… My Realistic Sustainable Living Revelation

by Rachel Ceruti


by Arianna Urban

I Wish You Knew

by Amanda Walker

The Essence of A Woman

by Andrea Russell

Become An Author

You Have A Story To Tell.

We have a home for it. Harness is dedicated to creating a community where everyone’s voice matters, and now it’s time to speak your truth. Are you ready to be heard?

ASHLEY RECTOR • Founder / Writer • View Profile
ASHLEY RECTOR • Founder / Writer • View Profile
During a night centered on activism and disrupting the status quo, we celebrate and learn from the important work of community leaders like Achea Redd, Nina West, Jeni Britton Bauer and Fran Frazier, who each advocate for inclusion and social justice in their own way.

YWCA Columbus’s Activists and Agitators

by Caroline Woliver

A spotlight on some of our favorite products. Here’s what we’re loving right now.

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