A Little Thing Called Love

In recent years, the word ‘dating is something everyone fears, but they don’t fear the two words that are famously known ‘Let’s chill’. In this generation, it’s all about chilling and nothing else. There’s no commitment and no feelings. Just sex. We have it installed in our minds that dating someone is bad and a horrific experience. I’ll admit it’s scary to open up to someone and then find out the little “not so great” things about them. Yet, the presumed fear of sending that text isn’t there. It’s perfectly fine for two people to simply hang out as friends, but when feelings are in place it becomes a challenge.

For us women, it’s a big deal when meeting a new guy.  We all hope for something more than friendship or a hook up.  You start to talk to them non-stop, hang out, find information about them. Then one day they just disappear leaving you in a vulnerable state, thinking what could you have possibly done for them to leave? Were you too clingy? Too dramatic? Not perfect enough for that person? All these questions run through your mind and it sticks until you start to finally let go and get over the guy. But then he hits you with the ‘hey’ text and you completely melt, once again in hopes that this might become something else. Yet, you know the only thing he wants is something that will benefit him and then disappear once more, creating a hopeless cycle of getting your hopes, only to have them crash into a wall. You are left completely dumbfounded.

Yes, the heart break is a killer and the thoughts create craziness, but in a way, you learn that it’s better to move on since the person is a poison to you. We women, have at least one individual that we just don’t know how to let go. We know they are bad for us, yet they are somehow still in the back of our minds when we attempt to move on. At the end of it all, you grow into your own strong individual and realize that all you are missing was the attention, that caring need that everyone has and then you realize that the guy was complete garbage and not even worth your time.  Guys will continue to be the type to simply send a woman that text, but that’s because they are the ones who are fully afraid of commitment. They crave the attention of women and the ability to tell their buddies how many women they are talking to, just to up the ego. Now not all guys are like that and you shouldn’t give up on finding ‘mister right’. However, going out in search for him isn’t the best thing to do. When it happens, it happens. A real man will try to gain your attention and chase you until you’re his.

We are known to be completely complicated, yet all we want is someone to ask us on actual dates and not ‘Netflix and chill’, open the door for the girl, and have those first kiss dates before becoming serious. We want someone who is loyal and honest–that’s all we ask for! But apparently for some guys that’s too much or too complicated to be done. At the end, it’s best to focus on yourself and love yourself because you are beautiful without a man and we as women are strong. Remember God didn’t make Eve first, he made Adam and then made Eve for Adam because he needed someone.


Name: Maggie Blaszczak
Email: Madrid9871@yahoo.com
Author Bio: A simple girl, who is just following her dreams and wanting to make it come true.
Link to social media or website: https://www.instagram.com/x_malgosia/


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