A Short Collection Of Words

the fire comes when you realize

you have given boys a taste of figs

when they will settle for store bought

minds that are good but they are not oceans

they will drown in you

you feel it burning in your belly

when you remember what they called love

didn’t feel like soaring

it felt like a twin bed


great women

you whisper

cannot be handled by lesser men

the lava boils over

when you understand

what they meant by lesser

the good enough

melts skeletons of money, family, career

the boxes on a checklist

the lesser are not awakened by souls ablaze

words overflowing flowing


the lesser are content with


beige place

i wake with a start in his lonely arms

the fire has come

i remember

like generations have lit a match

in my abdomen

And leave those empty arms that have never been able to hold me


i am like light


easily crushed in the palm of a hand

and gone in locked windowless rooms


but filling up space

when given the chance


incredible i breathe

on a hill on a city on the world


incredible you agree

in a car at midnight in a small town far from the world


we choose our fascinations

we choose to be enthralled


by strange cities or art or a 17 year old girl at midnight


i’ve seen magic and i’ve been magic and

i don’t know which felt more








Author: Olivia Adkins
Email: oliviamuguetteadkins@gmail.com
Author Bio: 21-year-old creator, writer, wonderer, student, avid shoe-wearer.
Link to social media or website: http://livunapologetically.com

by Olivia Adkins

23-year-old creator, writer, wonderer, student, avid shoe-wearer.


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