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I’m glad that you’ve finally begun to understand that you cannot always be the fire type. The wild, sparkling, bursting, high and superior type.

You cannot always be the wanderer walking on a faint road in the middle of the night. You sometimes need to nestle yourself into the soft blanket, lose all the weight of your head to the soft pillow, close your eyes to all the hardships of your life and let relaxation fill these moments of silence. I know you sometimes like to sleep and not go out to a nightclub till 4 a.m. in the morning.

I’m glad that you’ve finally begun to understand that the tent in the most beautiful part of a forest can only be adventurous for a night or two. That adventure can never give you the contentment that you get from lying on the floor of your messy room, reading that old favorite Children’s Book. You can sometimes enjoy standing out in the balcony with a cup of tea in your hand, cherishing the rain drops falling on your face and the light breeze that makes your hair dance.

I’m glad that you’ve finally begun to understand that love isn’t that easy. It is not a game that you can win. It is not one meeting full of promises of forever, rather it’s the years you’ve spent together without giving a thought to forever. It’s about the need of that person and not the solution to the boredom of your life. I’m glad that you’ve finally begun to regret the short-lived friendships of your life and started enjoying the small group of ‘always-there-for-you’ people.

I’m glad that you’ve finally begun to understand that not burning at all is better than being reduced to ashes or better than burning so high that you ruin every piece of your soul. That smiling over the memories of the past is better than laughing so loud that you can’t hear the silence that is troubling your mind, or better than crying so hard for the reason that you just don’t know.

I’m glad that you’ve finally begun to understand that not being able to understand yourself is something you will regret the most. You want to know all the things that your mind wants to tell you. You like to feel them…you like to understand them… you like to write them…you like to talk about them. I’m glad that you’ve finally begun to cherish self understanding, and hold it dear to your soul.

I’m glad that you’ve finally begun to understand that you no longer want to be the fire type, at least not always. You no longer want to be at the peak of everything, every time; you sometimes like to take these tranquil ways.

Author: Sejal Chandraferi[Text Wrapping Break]Email:
Author Bio: Sejal Chandraferi is magic for some and disaster for some. Why? Because she’s both. She’s still traveling the journey of self understanding with the help of people around her and the books in her shelf. She loves to read and write and speak and think and overthink and regret the things that she said two years ago; because all these things make her feel alive.
Link to social media or website: Instagram @sejal_chandraferi

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  1. It is lovely. I totally agree, although I have never been the fire type. I guess you cannot be the water type all the time too.

    Love it 💟

  2. Sejal amazing i I don’t want to be the fore type …❤❤ u inspire a lot…wishi g for your success

  3. The Lucid Type ……#LucidSejel <3 .


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