My name is Alexandria DeLorenzo and I am a 26 year old soul with a truly hippy heart. I have been in sales and marketing my entire working career and recently decided to quit my full time job in the corporate world and pursue my true dream of becoming a writer. I am working full time as a server at a local bar that's within walking distance to my new home here in Bristol, RI. I have my days to myself, where you can normally find me at Colt State Park writing. I often have people walk by and tell me what a nice office I have here, and I couldn't agree with them more! I am pursing yoga as well and will be taking my certification course to be a fully training instructor come May 2020. I have plans to move out West and truly embrace my hippy lifestyle by the summer of 2020. I have lived an incredible life filled with amazing stories that I can't wait to share with you!
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