Hello, world! I am a (freshly) 21-year-old student studying American Politics and Policies and National Security in Orlando, Florida! I am a newbie witch, a returning powerlifter, an ultra-feminist, and a podcast host! My major (and podcast) requires me to do extensive research, so I have the most experience writing academically; HOWEVER, writing fictional pieces and studying occult histories and magickal practice is something I do in my free time! Between being a college student and having too many hobbies, I understand the struggle that is figuring out adulthood. I've been very fortunate in my adult life so far to have the support that I do, but it's still limited; I really want to inspire those in a rut to know they are capable of anything. My podcast, Devil's Advocate: A Safe Space for Skeptics, is a paranormal research/comedy show where my co-host and wonderful friend, Chandler, and I go head to head on a topic! I am in the role of the Believer, and focus my research on the lore and accounts that are in favor of the topic being true, while Chandler does everything in his power to debunk it... he wins a lot. This pod is my baby and is such an absolute dream of mine that I couldn't have made possible without him, and I'm uber thankful for that.
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