33 years old, born in Portugal and Hyperactive since I was born. Suffer from tachycardia, PTSD and MDD and since I was 12 I was misdiagnosed as bipolar, schizophrenic and psychotic for 20 years. Started to date someone at the age of 14 and this relationship ended 9 years and a half later. My religion is Roman Catholic since birth, married to a Muslim man (just a normal [erson) 8 years ago and did not convert myself. He has 4 kids with his 1rst. I am literally the wicked step mother in their eyes and I don't blame them, because they don't actually know me and don't want to, so the only thing they see is the woman who took their father from their mother . We live in Portugal now but have have one company and are equal partners. I've destroyed my mental health by supporting others both physically, mentally and economically. I have a lot to say about me, about politics, cultural differences and work. I've had high management jobs for the last 8 years in which all of those I was extremely successful and made me a proper manager and I run a company of my own as a general manager for (fleet and logistics management of trucks thru Mozambique). I am totally addicted to online shopping and crowdfunding projects. I moved to Mozambique from Portugal 8 years ago. I try to travel as much as I can and my 2 true hobbies are to drive fast or read.
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