Lindsey Escaja
Lindsey Escaja, owner of Empower Yoga Boutique, first explored yoga many years ago as her weekly exercise regime. Having gone through many ups and downs in her life she thought she could take on any card life dealt her way with ease, until one day she couldn’t. Driving 12 hours home alone after a traumatic experience in an airport active shooting, Lindsey did not know how to overcome the PTSD she was suffering. One night she jumped on her yoga mat out of pure anxiety to get some movement in and she had never felt more safe. This is one of the many she reasons she decided to become an instructor and leave her full time marketing director role in corporate America; in hopes to share her story and empower others suffering from PTSD and other mental health issues that there is a healthy way to heal and get back to your day to day routine. Not only does Lindsey strive to help those suffering from these issues, but she also strives to create a body positive, fun, and judgement free space filled with confidence, gratitude, and kindness; which is why Empower Yoga Boutique is focused on a traveling concept instead of a brick in mortar partnering with local breweries and businesses in town. Having sat on two boards in her short 30 years, Lindsey is all about giving back and has since started hosting YoGive events once a month to combine both her passion for philanthropy and yoga. In her spare time she enjoys a good book, a glass of wine, snugging with her pups, and trying new things.
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