Author: Kathryn Herron


I have learned how to better wear these pains on my skin, how to hang them from my fingertips and make charades of the nightmares that haunt me, so that you might witness that which you cannot truly see I have gone so far as to explore the places within me otherwise left behind locked doors Be patient with me And I promise you will see That which I do not yet understand myself – Nightmares i...


Loving You  “If you fall in love with their soul before touching their skin, it’s true love.”    Of course I was drawn by the way her eyes lit up, and how her smile played at danger. She’s got this  way about her, whether she’s arguing Chomsky or quoting Atwood, I get lost in the cosmos of her  eyes she is magnificent.  The way her voice lifts and lightens sings a summer song and though I am more ...

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