M. G. Hughes
Born and raised in the little coastal town of Oceanside, California, M. G. Hughes began writing at a young age when her grandmother, Gracie Lee Osborne Hughes, an accomplished educator, encouraged her to write in composition books. Throughout her primary school years Hughes continued to develop a passion for short stories, and it was upon reading F. Scott Fitzgerald’s book The Great Gatsby in her senior year of high school that she felt inspired to embark on a full-length novel. That story would be Margot Lee. But after experiencing a prolonged period of writer’s block with the plot, Hughes would turn to poetry for (seemingly) temporary creative relief. The rest is history. As of 2019, and at just the age of twenty, Hughes has been featured across nine literary magazines and three anthologies. Her debut book, I Only Have Marmalade, muses themes of poetry, prose, general philosophy, and literary fiction.
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