Author: Marina Flores


Headaches  I’m on my period  My head hurts  It will hurt for three hours    My mother  Her head hurts every day  For I don’t know how long  She comes home with her eyes tired    I look at her  And she is still beautiful  With her tired eyes    Her head hurts  And so does mine  I wonder if I have her tired eyes     Author: Marina Flores Email: Author Bio: M...


My very existence is a protest. I am a queer, cis-gendered, chicanx woman who is pursuing higher education. To those who do not understand some of my adjectives, look them up. Language is power. Let’s use it. To those of you who did not know a few, if not all, of my adjectives; I am speaking to you directly. This is for you. Knowledge is power but those who hold power control language. We could do...

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