"Mrs. Ashlee" Chesny is equal parts purpose and passion using her knack for storytelling to change the world for children. She is a published children's author of numerous books and an award-winning literacy advocate. She has served over 5,000 children with her books and programs from Detroit all the way to Central Region, Ghana. In 2017 she founded the award-winning literacy-based nonprofit Genius Patch to do programming in the community. Currently, she is serving children virtually via her YouTube channel Mrs. Ashlee's Learning Emporium and through online sessions. Mrs. Ashlee supports children indirectly by assisting parents and caring community members. For parents and community members, Mrs. Ashlee is helping them create engaging learning environments for their children at home using her social education methods. For community members, Mrs. Ashlee teaches them to use their life experiences to give children diverse experiences across diverse subject matter. She believes that by doing this, parents and community members can contribute to their child becoming life-long learners through what she calls Community Education. In her personal life, she spends her days known as mom to one brilliant and busy 3-year old named Cam. Lucky for her, he is a fan of Mrs. Ashlee and her style of teaching. Together along with her husband, Cam's life is one big field trip inside Mrs. Ashlee's Learning Emporium as he beta tests all of her ideas.
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