I am a mature country lady and my life revolves around my many fur kids which are my children. They include many cats, dogs & one 32 year young horse(mare). They are my life and I enjoy spending time with them. I am an published author as I wrote a book about my ovarian cancer, called, "Living Life Childless & Surviving the Big C". I am a true Cancer Survivor! I was one of the lucky ones that did not have to endure chemo or radiation and I am grateful it was found in time before it spread. I also have written many poems and currently have a romance novel and a children's book that I am working on. I live north of Houston, Texas and own a little piece of paradise where my mare grazes daily and enjoys living out her days just being a big loving pet. We use to trail ride and run barrels in our local barrel racing associations. I have spent my life in sales, administration, management and real estate. I am now semi-retired but still find time to write which is what I love to do the most.
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by Julie Perrill

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