Author: Samantha Parish


I met the other Sam when I was 14 years old. I say “other” because I also go by such a simple nickname as Sam. He called me Samantha, though; there couldn’t be two Sams. There were always two Sams though—the common “Sam and Sam” spread like wildfire. “Hey Sam, how’s Sam?” Back then it got old, today it’s a fond memory. He was different than all the others. We got to experience each oth...


I went out to meet up with my cousin and her husband at the local watering hole downtown. I had just put in a double in exchange for the next day off, which meant I would finally have time to go out, and I snag those chances whenever I get them with the amount of time I work, plus school full-time.  It was a great night. I count my drinks, and I was trying to obtain number three at this point.  I ...

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