Mid-life has re-awakened the woman who lay dormant in me for more than 20 years. In my thirties, I chose to dedicate myself, body and soul, to being the mother to my children that I wish I had had myself: a fully present parent, available, and not the least resentful of the time and energy my children required . In the process of being 100% "mom," I raised complex and marvelous humans but I ran my own well dry and when both my children left home last year I found that rather than being bereft at facing my empty nest, I was happily liberated: happy for my children launching the lives I hope I had adequately prepared them for, and drunk with the freedom to remember who I was before them. At 55, I have no desire to become the party animal I was before my children but I do want to harness that lust for life, that freedom to feel exhilaration, and my former openness to whatever comes next that made me the woman who was able to be that power-mom to my kids in the first place.
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