Birdcage is a continuation of my on-going work exploring the complex way in which our society views women and its relation to beauty. These mixed media pieces—employing wax pastel, chalk pastel, and acrylic— place idealized women in isolated, domestic environments, the bright colors and alluring surroundings helping to mask their confinement.

With the renaissance of mid-century home décor, the furniture and plant life depicted challenge the viewer to question whether this is a scene from the 1950s or of modern times, further illuminating the recurring nature of a woman’s plight.

While creating these works and incorporating furniture and plants from my home, I came to the realization that my own daily routine—hours spent in solitude working in my home studio—in some ways mirrored the isolation of these women.



Author: Chambers Austelle
Email: chambersaustelle@gmail.com
Author Bio: Chambers Austelle is a contemporary figurative painter and educator living and working in Charleston, South Carolina. Austelle is best known for her compositions of vivid color and female subjects. The isolated environments challenge the viewer to question the way beauty and women are perceived in our culture. Austelle’s work has been exhibited nationally and exists in many private collections. Recently, she was awarded Best in Show at The City Gallery for “Piccolo Spoleto’s 2016 Juried Exhibition,” as well as Charlie Magazine’s “50 Most Progressive.” Austelle’s work has been featured in publications such as “Expose Art Magazine,” “The Artist Catalogue,” “Fresh Paint Magazine,” “The Jealous Curator,” “Create Magazine” and more.
Link to social media or website: http://www.chambersaustelle.com


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