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I have come to that place where the sun is high and the sea is low, retreating from the shore.

It is written ~I am dark but comely, it is the sun that kissed me~ surely like folk poems say of me, because the sun has found beauty in me, he kissed me, again and again making my head spin and my ankles swell.

Apparently you can see love and happiness in my smile.

I walk in the streets of my childhood and I hear the sound of laughter of the child I once was echoing in the wind.

At midnight, under my porch I hear a lover serenading his one and only beauty.
Is it how it is supposed to be?
Sweet and bitter.
Giving you night sweats, nightmares intertwined with dreams until you find yourself under the beloved window.
I reminisce.
I escape.
I laugh.
I cry.

I find myself under the moon and give her silent prayers to carry to the highest of high.
She laughs at my candidness and tell the universe about me.
And the stars sings. And I sit there wondering why everything is ever too deep within me.
Deep as the darkness of the ocean.
Deep as the veil in front of my gold ornated eyes.

In the bosom of my mother I found refuge.
Because I belong to myself.
To myself alone.
Dark beauty, they call me because the sun has kissed me again and again until my ankles swell.
A book, a story to myself, I am just me, the dark beauty.

Inspired by Israeli princess, Mor Karbasi beautiful ladino singer and Song of Solomon of the Bible.


Dark beauty

Author: Gassy Traore
Author Bio: I am a writer and a poet and that is about it.
I write magic.

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