Dark Eye Circles: Causes And Treatment Options

The under-eye skin is among the thinnest and delicate skin in the human body. There are no oil glands in that area; hence it is subject to dark circles, shadows, or even rings. The production of more melanin around the eye area leads to dark circles. However, you can get rid of the dark eye circle. Besides seeking external treatment, it is advisable to consider what is causing the dark eye circles so as to make necessary changes in time.

Below are the potential causes of dark eye circles;


Genetics is one of the reasons why you can have a dark circle. If your parents had dark eye circles, you are more likely to be predisposed to a similar condition. Belonging to a genetic group that is rich in melanin, exposes you to high chances of developing dark circles around the eye area.

Iron deficiency

Consumption of food that is not rich in nutrients can lead to dark circles. Deficiency in iron can cause you to have discoloration making the veins around the eye area more noticeable.

Lack of enough sleep

Staying awake more hours past your usual bedtime can be the cause of dark eye circles. Sleep deprivation causes make the skin to look dull and pale. As a result, colored tissues, blood vessels beneath the surface around the eye area, will show. A fluid can as well build underneath the eye leading to the condition.


Your skin is likely to become thinner as you get older. Fat, as well as collagen that helps maintain your skin elasticity, is lost. As this happens, dark blood vessels are more visible, leading to the darkening of the area below the eyes.

There are also ways in which you can get rid of dark eye circles. They include and not limited to;

Getting enough sleep

Catching enough sleep will save you the chances of developing dark eye circles. You need to get sleep for at least seven to eight hours to avoid developing the condition.

Healthy diet

To eliminate the chances of developing dark eye circles, you need to take a healthy diet. Plant-based and food rich in antioxidants should be included in your all-time diet. Also, consider including iron-healthy menus in your everyday meals.

Concealing with makeup

In cases where the dark circles are hereditary, it will be almost impossible to get rid of them. Applying makeup can help camouflage the dark eye circles. However, it would be best if you were extra careful about the cosmetic products that you intend to use. Some of the products can worsen the dark circles making it more visible.

In a nutshell, dark eye circles should not cause you to panic though they can be a sign of a health problem. They can be a sign of physiological as well as emotional issues. Some of the remedies that you can opt to use may bring a double benefit by eliminating the dark circles and reducing wrinkles. You need to live a healthy lifestyle for your skin to appear energized and attractive.


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