Time to let me go now,

You soiled mop of emotions

You genius play on words

You masterful soliloquy at midnight

I’ve dreamt of you so many times.

Do you remember that thing people used to say about how if you dream of someone that meant they fell asleep thinking of you?

I believed that to my very core and thought, “Wow, I can’t believe that many people fall asleep thinking of me!”

I’m going with that strategy here and convincing myself that maybe the reason you show up approximately between the hours of midnight and four is that you fell asleep remembering me.

So that’s why I’m letting you let me go.

I need some peace in my sleep and your late night musings on our early morning walks are keeping the story line pretty heart wrenching.

I could use a change of pace.

I know it may seem a bit selfish of me, but I think it will be better for us both in the end.

It’s okay if I cross your mind in the grocery store parking lot or on the elliptical at the gym.

Be wary later on.

So please, you darling gush of emotion, think of me less and less until you think of me no more.

I need new dreams.

by Kati Russ

I am a Senior at the University of South Carolina majoring in English. I love traveling, bubble baths, poetry, and capturing my life through writing. I believe that we all need to live in this current moment and appreciate the beauty of it all.

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