Fall Boldly And Flourish

With the school year starting up, my social media feeds will soon become flooded with the newest learning and teaching styles. While visual learners might connect with infographics more than physical exercises, each learning method shares a common thread.

I have yet to meet someone who grew from success. It’s true that success breeds success which helps grow a business, sure. However, how much do we actually learn from winning and succeeding? Failure takes grit to push through, and it’s through overcoming your most frightening failures that you will flourish.

Find solace in the fact that you will continue to make new mistakes and continue to learn more about yourself. Seek comfort in knowing that you can teach others about your miscommunications.  Become confident as you learn from your mistakes and pick up new skills in the process. Understand that falling short is better than choosing not to challenge yourself. Choose to remember your shortcomings and realize that they will never define you.

Most importantly, seek out people who are ambitious, driven and who understand that failure is a stepping stone to becoming great. By creating an environment where you feel comfortable to take calculated risks, you will stretch yourself more than ever before. You will also fail over and over again. However, with each fall, you will rise. When others fall short, you will learn from them just as much as they learn from you.

Has anyone ever told you to go out and fail? I might be the first, that’s okay. Don’t set yourself up for failure. Set yourself up for success knowing that despite your work ethic and carefully-thought-out plans, you might fail. You will never know until you try.


Name: Allison Mellor
Email: allisonmellor@gmail.com
Author Bio: Allison is a student studying strategic communications at The Ohio State University. She is a self-proclaimed NPR nerd with a passion for pizza and a love for hammock adventures. Her favorite book is “Little Fires Everywhere,” and she’s always open to new recommendations!
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