Finding Comfort In The Road Less Travelled



Let’s face it, fitting into society demands a certain amount of conformity. We might not even realize it, but there are pressures that seep into our psyche, pushing and pulling us in directions that may not feel authentic, but that offer a safe haven of the predictable.

But what if the pre-conditioned set of rules created by fat cats and a rat-race world, just doesn’t resonate with you? What if you have decided to step off the beaten path and instead pursue a life that inspires you. Maybe you have decided to live abroad. Maybe you have decided to remain childless. Perhaps, you’ve decided to pursue a passion like writing full-time.

Forcing ourselves into situations that don’t serve our life with a sense of fulfillment can take a toll on our health. As a 30 something single girl, I tried Tinder, worked my 9-5, and had brunches with a side of mimosa and girl chat on Sundays. The problem is, this life wasn’t working for me. I felt gray and was faking my existence. That is, until, I had enough of crying myself to sleep every night. On one particularly teary night, I made a promise to myself – I would never betray myself again.

Within a short time, I drastically changed my life by deleting all dating apps, moving abroad, quitting my job (to write and tutor full-time), and choosing to remain happily single and childless.

The truth is, this choice is scary, and it challenges me on a daily basis. However, on my journey onto the road less travelled, I have found that there is comfort in the unknown.

Gain a New Sense of Self Respect

Whatever challenge you decide to undertake (whether it’s starting a blog, YouTube channel, or a new business), the path isn’t going to be as straight forward as you might have imagined. Creativity in it’s very nature, is uncertain.

For example, maybe your story idea is rejected 100 times before it’s finally accepted. Or you might not be making the money that your used to making. Worst of all, perhaps your family and friends don’t support your idea and all of a sudden, you lack your normal support system.

The good news is, that in all of the adversity, you will discover something else – you begin to build a thicker skin. As you learn innovative skills, try new things, and expand your sense of what’s possible, other people’s opinions will matter less. Why? Because all of a sudden, you start to see that your dreams are not only possible, but that you are capable of achieving them – all it took was some action and courage.

Inevitably, if you stick to your guns, your growing sense of self respect and belief in your vision will carry you further than you ever knew was possible.

Create Rather Than Force

Yes, at first, sitting down to brainstorm the novel you have always wanted write, or dedicating every evening to your dream of learning the drums might seem scary.

Beginning a new endeavor is always the most difficult part. Right before you take action toward something you never thought was possible, you might feel like you’re about to step off a precipice into the great unknown. And that’s because you are.

However, with sometime, the practice of giving into your passions become much easier and before you know it, your flowing and so is your work.

With continued tenacity, you may just discover that the work you have always wanted to create starts to feel natural and it effortlessly inspires you to keep going. In comparison, forcing yourself through the motions of activities that you once did out of obligation will no longer be an option. Why would you spend a moment of your precious energy on people, places and things that bring you down? The more and more you live in tune with who you truly are, the less tempted you will be to diverge from this.

The positivity of working towards goals that feel satisfying will build up a momentum in your life that will carry you forward through the good and not so good times.

Inspire Others with Your Choices

Have you ever noticed that many of us are drawn to people who aren’t afraid to be themselves? Often, we revere artists, musicians, actors, poets, entrepreneurs, and visionaries because we sense that they must know something we don’t know. We may even sense that they are better than us, or that they have more talent and courage than us. The truth is, they don’t.

Those who succeed in the road less travelled are those who are willing to follow their intuition and passions, regardless of what society and logic has to say. It’s not to say that it’s not frightening or that it’s easy, but with hard work, dedication, and persistence they continue to excel along their path.

You and I are no different – we all have unique talents and abilities. It’s when we are willing to let our true selves shine, that others begin to realize, that it is, indeed, a possibility to live life courageously.

My writing began as journaling, grew into short stories, transformed into investing in a writing teacher, and now, I continue to publish work I love. Because of this, I have had numerous friends reach out and tell me they have been inspired by my choices and that they too, have picked up the pieces to their once lost dreams. I didn’t seek to influence anyone else with my choices, but I feel both humbled and grateful by this reaction, and it helps to keep me centered and focused through the more difficult times.

Heading down the road less travelled isn’t a straight and narrow path. It’s winding, long, and topsy turvy. Not to mention, none of our journeys look the same, but give it time.

Sink into the uncertainty and hold your head high –  at the end of the day, at least you know that you are being true to yourself.


Author: Tess Bercan
Email: tessannmarie.b@gmail.com
Author Bio: Tess Bercan is an avid writer, traveler, dog lover, and above all – a soul seeker. She lives in Costa Rica, and is always looking for ways to create a life that feels balanced and in tune, both inside and out. On a sunny day, you’ll find Tess at the beach, sipping on a coconut. Tess’s research and writing has appeared in Spirit Guides Magazine, Elephant Journal, Everyday Diabetes, Green Lifestyle Market, and Think Health Magazine. To see more of her writing, check out www.tessbercan.com.
Link to social media or website: http://www.tessbercan.com


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