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For You, Not Me

For you, I would do anything.

I see innate value, potential, goodness.

I deeply feel when struggle weighs down your shoulders
as I try to gather the heavy pieces to carry under my own,
fragile skin.

For you, I grant unconditional comfort.

Emotion does not dictate the magnitude of support delt.

In sickness and health isn’t a fun catchphrase that fades away as
circumstances change.

For you, I grant the security of knowing my commitment to care does not end
until the closure of our lives.

All of this
I give to you,

but not me.

For me, the safety and security feel breakable,

a frayed rope, a rubber band stretched one too many times, ready to snap.

Living in a shower of love, support, and acceptance

has not changed it.

Verbalized affirmations and physical comfort

have not changed it.

I am loved when I do not love myself, stated logic.

and yet, it feels like a lie.

For you, I see your worth.

For me, I watch it drown under deep waves of insecurity and fear.

For you, I see your worth.

For me, I deserve the same.

by Gina Jane

Gina is a certified Mental Wellness Coach focused on helping others see their inherent worth and live according to personal values. Gina practices coaching with a open, vulnerable, and equal partnership. Her experiences within mental illness and recovery have created her blended philosophy of incorporating both the medical model and holistic strategies into programming.


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