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From Far to Forever Apart: Love’s Unseen Goodbye

By Summeya

Seven months ago, my world turned upside down as I faced the unimaginable—losing my partner in a tragic accident. The love we shared spanned five beautiful years, a love that defied distance and celebrated the strength of connection forged through countless FaceTime calls.

Our journey began in the familiar embrace of our hometown, where the roots of our love took hold and flourished. Yet, fate had different plans for us. Higher education and career opportunities beckoned from a distant land, pulling me away from the familiar streets where our love story began. Despite the miles that separated us, the virtual thread of our bond remained unbroken. I found solace in his reassuring words, “Oh, it will be us one day, don’t you worry. Just be patient.” As I navigated the loneliness of being physically apart, his promise echoed in my heart, providing sustenance through the darkest hours.

Then came the fateful day when a routine chat turned into a heart-wrenching reality. After a beautiful conversation, he embarked on an unplanned bike ride—a ride that would alter the course of my life forever. As the hours passed without his call, a sense of unease crept in. Checking his location, I discovered he was in a hospital—a place that would become a marker for a profound turning point.

The information that he had an accident broke my heart, and I felt overwhelmed with sorrow. But in the midst of the sadness, I found a small ray of hope. One morning, I gathered the courage to turn my pain into words. Since I was used to telling him everything, I started writing down my feelings in notes, and over time, I turned them into heartfelt poems. What began as a way for me to cope became something I shared with others on social media, turning my personal journey through grief into something more public.

As responses poured in from others who resonated with my journey, the idea of a book took root. On February 7, 2024, I released my debut book, “Weeping Words,” a global tribute to the love of my life—a soul that embodied purity and beauty. From a girl focused on education and career ambitions to an author pouring her heart into verses, this is a story of resilience, transformation, and the enduring power of love.

Weeping Words” is more than a collection of poems; it’s an intimate testament to the strength found in vulnerability. In sharing my journey, my hope is to inspire others to find healing through their own creative expressions. Love may leave, but the spirit it leaves behind can blossom into something beautiful.

And now, I share one of the poems from “Weeping Words“:

I received the call, news so awful and grim,

Booked the next flight, tears streaming within.

Beside me, a girl, capturing skies so bright,

Lost in her world, as I wept through the flight.

At the airport, with my mother on the line,

Bitter tears flowed, “This can’t be, it’s not fine.”

Before the next flight, I called his father,

“Tell him to wake, enough, no longer.”

In the next flight, I couldn’t bear to stay,

Walking and praying, as I made my way.

Flight attendants worried, asking if I’m alright,

My heart sinking, but I had to reach the light.

Traveling thousands of kilometers, my soul in despair,

To see with my eyes, what I could only hear.

At the mortuary, I saw you there, so cold,

The world lost me too, that day, as our story was untold.

This poem unfurls the tendrils of my agony, encapsulating the haunting journey from the moment I received the harrowing news to the heart-wrenching finality of laying eyes on him. It lays bare the rawness of my pain, aching with the weight of every second that bore witness to the shattering of my world.

May the pages of “Weeping Words” resonate with those who have loved and lost, offering solace and empowerment on their unique journey of healing. As we navigate the complexities of grief, let “Weeping Words” be a companion—a testament to the power of turning pain into art and finding strength in vulnerability.

Description for Images:

Image 1: My debut book, ‘Weeping Words,’ now on Amazon.com and Lulu.com, features a poignant blend of poetry, verses, writings, and artistry, capturing the essence of grief.

Image 2: Captured in this moment is me with the love of my life, sharing a gaze towards the horizon in the town where our beautiful love story first blossomed.

Image 3:Unveiling a piece of my soul in this writing, expressing the depths of my pain. Find more on my social media handle @goneyethere. Follow for more heartfelt expressions.


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