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Greeting and Introduction

Hi everyone!

My name is Heidi Hope, a recent graduate from Azusa Pacific University with a BA in English, where I discovered my love for writing and my desire to be the voice for the voiceless through the written words. This is my first post ever on this forum and my first time officially joining this incredible Harness team, so I would love to start off with a big thank you for having me in this community and giving me this opportunity to share my voice and passion for writing. I am so excited to dive in and I cannot wait to hear all of your reactions. I am also happy to take any commentaries or suggestions, so please do not hesitate to throw your opinions my way. As I am a writer with many hopes and dreams, there will be contents on many topics that I will deliver, so I hope that you all will enjoy them. Thank you again for having me on your team and I am overjoyed to begin. Here I go!


~Heidi Hope


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