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My whole life

I’ve been closed.



And confused.

Blanketed by layers.

Hidden from

them all.

My life was different.

What you saw wasn’t me.

A facade.

An illusion.

A blanketed ghost.

But there was no truth

to be found from my layers.

Happy and strong were lies.

Told not only

to you.

But to me

as well.

The real truth

was frightening.

I was alone.

I was a lie.

A sham.

Ready to

crumble and break.

And I did.

I fell hard.

I admitted my lies,

told to myself,

and spoke my truth.

I removed my armor

and was surprised

to find

another layer


So I kept on uncovering,

one by one,

until one day I felt lighter.

I spoke my truth.

Each and every word

and experience

that had shamed me,

had become my closest ally.

Pain became beauty.

Weakness became strength.

I am lighter

for I now see the light.

My most shameful layers

have led me to know

that there will never be a time

where I will be alone.

So now you see.

What I have come to find.

There is no shame

in reaching for a hand.

We are meant

to be supported

We are meant

to be loved.

Each of us has our layers

And our stories to tell.

So speak your truth

and don’t ever

shy away.



Author: Melissa fino
Author Bio: Melissa L. Fino is a defiant high school dropout who went on to receive her master’s in social work from the University of Southern California. Melissa applies her life experience with unexpected challenges and numerous insecurities to empower women to let go of the negative in their lives and embrace the positive. Currently, she is the CEO of LoveYourLife Community, a worthiness coach for women, writer, blogger and speaker. Melissa resides in San Diego, but frequents the East Coast to return to her childhood hometown and Portugal, to spend quality time with her mother.
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  1. Love it Melissa…<3


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