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Why I Hate New Year’s Eve Parties

As a millennial, you will probably remember the New Year’s parties from TV (during the 80s and 90s), and those sounds the clocks made when they marked midnight. 

Well, those clocks marked my New Year’s Eve parties, and also remained in my memory for the rest of my life! Back then, I was little and I was so scared. I was crying expecting some Grinch to come and take me away from my family. Those clocks had that sinister and horrible sound, which instead of marking the end of the year, sounded like they were marking the end of the world or humanity itself. It was horror all those years, at least that is how I perceived them at that fragile age, to the amusement of all the grown-ups around me who were so happy that the year is finally over.


I believe that since that moment I have this unjustified hatred for the last night of the year. Unjustified I said? Wrong, I have a lot of arguments to sustain my opinion because I am the Grinch of the New Year’s Party! 

Ok, so, let’s presume that you didn’t have time to prepare anything for the Big Night (it’s a night like any other, but let’s call it like this). But since you didn’t have the time or the disposition to think where will you celebrate, or maybe you didn’t know with whom to do it, since some people didn’t want to go somewhere and with the others you didn’t really like to hang out, you are facing this big issue now, last minute! This is the first big mistake you could have done, dear reader!

Likely, the weather outside is wintery and probably you have the idea, like many others, “I can buy a last-minute trip and go somewhere, like Austria, where is also cold, but at least they have snow!” Or even better, you don’t like cold and you think, “How about Spain or Portugal?!” because, probably with a leather jacket you are already feeling how spring is close by. Well, don’t worry, others thought about this already and they booked everything available since August! You will probably find the worst of the worst because, seriously who wants to stay in that apartment with the mole on the walls?  

Fine, you will take the chance and go by car somewhere, which probably you will hit a traffic jam somewhere with other undecided people and you will end up so tired and annoyed at the end of the day, that you will not feel like partying at all. 

Ok? You agree now! I told you, it would be a bad idea! So, shall we stay in town? Great! Here goes the big show now! Where to go? Probably if you want to go out in a club, pub, bar and wear that princess dress you saw in the stores a few months ago, it’s just a nightmare from which you should wake up now! The dress is gone, probably in all sizes, not even XXS or XXL sizes are available, and the next problem you have is that there are no available spots in any nice locations! 

Oh, yes? Do you remember that “not so awesome” club for which you have to pay like 100 EUR entrance and they still have spots? Great! You will probably spend the rest of your night in a long queue at the bar, waiting to order a drink and the poor bartender that works in this magical night is going to prepare some amazing drink just for you. Oh, and it’s almost midnight and you want to see the fireworks? You will get mashed together with the rest of the people that want to do the same. Super. No?

Ok, fine, fine! There is that little, tiny slight possibility to find a spot at one of those awesome parties with a great menu, open bar and where you can sit at a table and nobody will run into you while in a hurry to get to the bar…but this will be very costly, it’s the New Year’s Party, right? 

Great, we have a location! 

Let’s talk transportation! How will you go there? Taxi or Uber? Likely you will not find one, and if you do either the driver can’t come in front of your building because the streets are closed or God knows what else. Ok, public transportation it is, but what about coming back? This will not work around 2-3 a.m. when you are tipsy and tired, right? Are you thinking about taking the car? You do realize that means, no alcohol? Decisions, decisions, decisions…

The main idea is that no matter what, you need to have fun and you need to do it during this night, in order to enter into the new year, happy, optimistic and mandatory to have a wish at midnight, right? Do you have cash or red underwear? Did you kiss anyone under the mistletoe? Did you eat 12 grapes and run around the building? Did you respect the other 1 million myths or traditions? Do not be surprised when the next year will be a really bad one! I told you already and I tried to warn you! 

So, can you, dear reader, explain to me, why so much talk and fuss about this one night, between the years? Can you please enlighten me?

It’s just another night, like all the others 365! Maybe you are sick, or you had a problem, or your cat died, or your heating system broke, or you dropped your phone on the floor or any other thing! Or maybe you just are not in the mood! Why do we always MUST celebrate this event, no matter what?

Although I never spent it home alone until now (ironic, no?) I entered the new year, as everyone else, with a big/small celebration. But I did it like everyone else. Or at least I always tried to party but honestly, I don’t remember any magical party that was so great that I couldn’t forget.

But, let’s all be optimistic! Maybe 2018 will surprise me a lot! 

It remains to seen and I will tell you later, until then, Happy New Year! 



Author: Gabriela
Email: iamfoodietraveler@gmail.com
Author Bio: Gabriela is a longtime expat and traveler, food lover and a constant day-dreamer and who is very keen to share her stories about traveling and exploring our beautiful planet. She is the voice behind “I am Foodie Traveler”, a collection of stories and impressions from her wanderings around the world.

Relatively new the blogosphere, but very passionate about traveling and storytelling, she wants to inspire others to travel and see the world with their own eyes.

You can read her work at I am Foodie Traveler or get in touch with her on Facebook or Instagram and watch her adventures on YouTube.
Link to social media or website: https://gabrielateisu.com 

by Gabriela

A longtime expat and traveler, a food lover and a constant day-dreamer.


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