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Her Strength

The quiet morning breeze

Gives her the strength to move forward.

The calm stillness of the air

Beckons her to get up.

The reddish purple horizon

Tells her it is time for her to leave.

The brisk, fresh air she breathes

Allows her to feel free from the oppression she has faced.


She knows what she must do to grasp the future in her hands

She knows that she can no longer allow this man to control her destiny.

She knows she cannot hold onto the hope that things will improve.

She knows her body can no longer handle the fists, the feet, the objects that constantly bruise her body.

She knows that with God’s strength and her determination she will persevere.

She knows that Mother Nature is beckoning her to leave the past behind and embrace the future.

She knows what to do.


Now she needs the courage to do it.





Author: Anita
Email: anita.joye.smith@gmail.com
Author Bio: My passion for the written word began long ago. As a young girl, I spent hours writing in my journal about future plans and the world around me. It was inevitable that I would earn my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in English. I spread my passion for literature to young minds as a high school English teacher. I then moved onto teaching at a technical school and worked in educational testing for a few years until my current position as an editor for a medical board. In my spare time, I enjoy writing, dancing, spending time with family and friends and watching movies.


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