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How to Use Your Intuition as Your Superpower

Our lives are full of choices. Big and small. There are always decisions to make, roads to follow. One new shiny pathway could lead us in a whole new direction. With so much possibility can come a lot of pressure, because, which roads are the right roads? Which roads are the right ones for us? In a world with a whole lot of noise and too many expectations, it all comes down to quieting the plenitude of voices so that we can hear the most important one – our own.

This is where intuition comes in. Have you felt yours before?! Think of your intuition as your own inner compass, always directing you to the people, places, and opportunities meant for you. It can show up like a feeling, a bubbling sensation deep in your gut, or as a thought that pops into your mind, feeling so very right. The more you get to know your intuition, the more you can begin to use it as your superpower. Ah, and it will feel so good once you do. Life will open up in beautiful ways, you’ll see.

The first way to begin utilizing and connecting to your intuition is to trust; trust the process, trust that you do know what’s right for you, trust that it really is leading you to where you need to be (even if it doesn’t make sense in the moment). When you can trust, you will begin to experience more flow in your day and things will start to feel easier. So much easier. You are no longer stuck, swimming against the current of your life.

After you’ve cultivated this trust, the next step is following the nudges you receive. Do you feel like walking a new route today instead of sticking to your regular routine? Maybe you are feeling the unexpected nudge to checkout that new bookstore or the cute little consignment shop you walk past but never go into. If today feel like the day, follow that. By taking aligned action on the things that feel light, fun and inspired, you will come across even more that feels this way.

I call this the Flow State. The more you can live your life in Flow State, the more you will feel like everything is on track and you are exactly where you are meant to be. It’s kind of like letting your heart take the lead, but it first involves getting to know your inner voice and your intuition on a very personal level, practicing a keen sense of self awareness.

What do I mean by this? Well, when you know exactly what your intuition feels like, you can call upon it for every single choice that comes your way and it will become your best tool and your most trusted guide, your superpower. Getting to know your intuition is about sitting with yourself, looking inward, discovering what a YES feels like in your body and then, what a NO feels like. A YES is expansive, it’s an opening, it feels good, whereas a NO is contractive, it’s closed and feels very, well, unappealing. With everything that comes your way, despite what your rational mind says, ask your body, ask your intuition. And then see what you think, what outcome you’re drawn to. You will always be led in the right direction with this kind of decision-making practice.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned when connecting to my intuition and trusting the nudges I feel, is that just because something looks amazing on paper and the perfect choice in theory, does not mean it is the perfect choice for me. And even when I don’t understand why it’s not right for me, from romantic partners, to business opportunities, to what I should eat for dinner, I trust there is something better, instead.

Use your intuition as much and as often as you can. That is my advice. It’s one of our most important assets and it has our back, no matter what. It will illuminate the pathway with the most fitting opportunities for us – and is there really a better superpower than that?

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by Christy Howitt

Hey, I'm Christy! I live for storytelling and creative writing. I published Heartsand and Sunwild, the first two novels in my young adult fiction series and love seeing the positive impact my stories can have. Along with this, I run my copywriting and book mentorship business, helping entrepreneurs and creatives.


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