I Will Trust

A feeling of assurance,

Comfort in knowing,

That I am

At the right place

At the right time.

Trusting blindly

Not knowing how

Or when

Things will change.



Giving it up.

No worries.

No stress.

No heartache.

No second guesses.

No tears of sorrow.

No pangs of a broken heart.

He has it all.

I trust Him completely.

My life

Is in

His hands.



Author: Anita Smith
Email: anita.joye.smith@gmail.com
Author Bio: My passion for the written word began long ago. As a young girl, I spent hours writing in my journal about future plans and the world around me. It was inevitable that I would earn my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in English. I spread my passion for literature to young minds as a high school English teacher. I then moved onto teaching at a technical school and worked in educational testing for a few years until my current position as an editor for a medical board. In my spare time, I enjoy writing, dancing, spending time with family and friends and watching movies.
Link to social media or website: Twitter @nitabitasmith


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