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Just because

I opened my legs

to you

doesn’t mean I gave you access

to my soul,

my aching heart,

those secrets I hide in my memories,

every thought,

every hope,

the people I knew,

the lessons I learnt,

the words I spoke,

and those I never did,



hopes and dreams,

inhibitions –


the infinity of an entire universe

contained within me.


You only had me

You did not, and can never conquer me.


A woman is so much more than her body



Author: Anangsha Alammyan
Author Bio: Anangsha is a Civil Engineer by profession and a writer by passion. All through her life, she has looked at writing as a means of catharsis, expression and escape – though not necessarily in that order. She is currently working on her first book which is an anthology of poems and should be out by mid-June.
Link to social media or website: Instagram @anangsha_

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