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Our health depends not only on what we eat or the amount of exercise we do; it also depends on our internal dialogue and how we treat ourselves. The words we use with ourselves can affect us more than we think. Our well-being depends on everything we do, how we think and how we act. Sometimes we are offended by what others say about us, but if we compare it with the criticisms we constantly put ourselves down with, we will see that our internal dialogue is a lot more intense, harsh and picky.

The words that we identify ourselves with are those that create our reality and as a consequence affirm our beliefs. If we are constantly judging ourselves and belittling our internal or material work, it is not a surprise to have others doing the same, and by feeling or seeing this, we get irritated and react. When we react to the external stimuli, it is a sign that something inside of us is not completely healed or on “good terms”, therefore this leads to doing the nitty-gritty internal work to make adjustments in the way we treat and talk to ourselves.

As we make these self-adjustments, we discover that every external situation is a manifestation of how we are handling ourselves inside, but to clarify, I am not saying that every person we come across will treat us like queens or that life will be rewarding us constantly, but when we have the ability to pause in the middle of our internal criticism and reflect on how we are treating ourselves, then we will have the opportunity to choose more consciously how we want to react to the present situation.

What we say reflects who we are, as well as what we keep to ourselves, therefore it is not about reacting or staying quiet, rather about choosing our thoughts wisely so we can feel good inside and reflect it on the outside with others.





Author: Daniela Ortiz
Email: eljardinenmi@gmail.com
Author Bio: Words heal. You write as you go.
Link to social media or website: https://eljardinenmi.wordpress.com | Instagram @ortzdani


by Daniela Ortiz

Daniela is a student pursuing her studies in mental health counseling with the idea of integrating body and mind practices to comprehend human behavior. Writing has been one of her main therapeutic outlets to channel all the emotional energy that lingers on from experiences that have been both pleasant and difficult to process. One quote that best describes her and her writing would be “Light is easy to love, show me your darkness”.


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