Little Writings From The Lilac Writer: Part Three



It began with a

sinking feeling

stirring in a deep chasm

somewhere in the body


up so high

you build, buildings

just to see it crumble

to ruins


you rebuild, buildings

just to see it crumble

to ruins


even on ground

you could not shake

the feeling off from being

a trembling earthquake.


you tell yourself that it’s just a feeling

sinking further and further into you

it would go away without interference

but it never does.


ruination of one’s self

has become me.


betterment looks at me

dead eyed


while self-destruction

holds my hand

in a locked grip


betterment doesn’t ask me

to choose but

self destruct does.


–  AM . ALI



Author: AM . ALI
Email: aminahwrites00@gmail.com
Author Bio: A lilac and her quill.
Link to social media or website: Instagram @aminahwrites



by AM . ALI

A Lilac and her quill.


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