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Mental health: How to be proactive than just aware?

May was the mental health awareness month. These days we are becoming more vocal about mental health issues but still, mental health is a growing concern for us. What most people don’t understand is that those who are battling internally need empathy and acceptance from the world.

How often do you reach out to your loved ones?

How often do you realize that someone is suffering silently but still ignore the fact?

We assume they would be alright with time. We leave them to their devices and maintain a distance. When making them feel loved could have healed them we maintain a distance and torture them more.

Severe mental health illnesses need long-term treatment but some issues can be sorted out by the family and friends alone if they are willing to make time for the ailing person. Mild mental issues can turn into serious ones when there is no support available from the people around you.

Often depression and anxiety patients are those who do not have anyone to lean on. People in their lives are just not available for them when they need them the most! So, they keep suffering silently. Its true therapy is sometimes inevitable for the sufferers but a sense of belonging and feeling loved can heal many aching minds.

How can you identify someone suffering internally?

Well, this is a difficult task. Most of these people might appear as if they do not need any help! But if you find someone suddenly getting demotivated or isolated from the others or you notice any unusual change in their behavior it’s better to check on them. Communicate clearly instead of avoiding them. Besides, if you know someone who is suffering from a disease, or has suddenly lost a loved one, is out of a job, facing some crisis remember to be patient with them. Give them your time and warmth.

We all seek kindness from others but when it’s our turn to be kind we often neglect the role! It’s not humanly possible to be always right or kind or helpful all the time because we have our own struggles too. Also, often we don’t realize if someone is crushing from the inside. But what we can constantly do is find a way to be more kind towards people. And take some time out of our busy lives for the people we love. These days everyone is trying to make the most out of their lives. As if spending time other than “productive work” is a waste of time!

What we forget is none of us are going to live here forever. What will you do with all your accomplishments in the end? So, why not choose to be more loving and compassionate while in your short stay on this planet? Let’s not be just aware of mental health issues but be proactive in helping each other out!

by Ishita Ganguly

Ishita is a published author, poet, and freelance writer from India. She is the author of the book, "Stories from the City called Kolkata" and editor of the international poetry anthology, "Expressions from the Heart". She is the co-author of 5 international anthologies. Her articles and poems have been published on leading websites and in international magazines.

Ishita is a double master's degree holder, a corporate professional turned educator turned full-time writer. She is a book lover who believes words have immense power and writers can make a huge impact in the world! She desires to leave the world better than she found it through her contributions as a writer and as a responsible global citizen.


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