Move Different

I don’t want you to recognize me

I want my smile to glimmer better

I need to be nothing less than

completely me


The next six months will lead some of you

To feel like you never knew me

To begin with


I want to move differently

You’ll catch me expanding, glowing, and think


‘Who’s that beautiful brown skinned woman

Whose presence brings you to your knees

While her energy demands more of you, for you’


Because no one with all that power

Wants to keep the rest of the world in the dark





Author: Melliana Mulugeta
Email: melliana14@gmail.com
Your Bio: I’m a self-published author and poet, currently living 15 minutes outside of Washington D.C. in Arlington, Virginia. You can keep up with my poetry and other passions I write about on my blog!
Link to social media or website: http://poetryandpassion.co



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