Myths and Realities of Being a Leader

You can be the best possible version of yourself, but many myths surround what it takes to be successful in a leadership position. As your new boss, here are some myths and realities of being a leader.

– Myth: Good leaders are born, not made.

Reality: Being a leader is something that you learn to do over time and with practice. Leadership is developed through certain key traits.


– Myth: Leaders never make mistakes.

Reality: Leaders will always be learning from their experiences and making the best choices they can in their decisions.


– Myth: Leaders are naturally charismatic or know how to motivate others.

Reality: Charisma needs to be practiced and developed over time; it cannot simply appear out of thin air! While motivation may come easy for some people, many leaders struggle with this task as well. Leadership takes patience and hard work to develop these traits.


– Myth: You need to be born into a high position to become successful.

Reality: Leadership does not always come from those in the highest positions of power or authority; it can also arise within any person with ambition and drive! Anyone can become an effective leader if they work hard enough for it, regardless of their current position in life.


– Myth: Leaders are always perfect; they never make mistakes or have to deal with criticism.

Reality: Successful leaders will inevitably face many challenges and obstacles, but this does not mean that you should give up on your goals! Realistic expectations for yourself can help you achieve greater success than what people expect of you.


– Myth: Leaders are never scared or afraid of anything; they always know what to do in any situation.

Reality: Being a leader means that there will be times when you feel uncertain about your approach or unsure about the best way forward; this is perfectly normal! Leadership requires courage and determination for it to work effectively. The best leaders are those who remain calm and level-headed, even in times of great stress or chaos.


– Myth: Leaders never put themselves first; they always care about the greater good over their desires.

Reality: Leadership is a position that requires teamwork and cooperation for it to work well! You need to take care of yourself if you want to be effective in your role as a leader.


– Myth: A good leader needs always to have all the answers and know exactly what to do in any situation.

Reality: Being a great leader means that you must learn how to ask for help when needed, rather than trying to solve every problem on your own! It takes humility to recognize when you struggle with something and know what steps to take next.


– Myth: Good leaders need a formal education to be successful.

Reality: Education is an important part of becoming a leader, but it does not necessarily have to come from attending university! There are many opportunities for leadership training that do not require going to college. Leaders can come from all backgrounds and educational experiences, so do not let your lack of a degree be the barrier preventing you from taking on this role.

by Carolyn McBeth

Carolyn McBeth has always dreamed of owning a farm since she was a child. Carolyn used her enthusiasm to pay for college at Iowa State University, where she majored in Agricultural Business and was named to the Dean's List. Her schooling also gave her the chance to join agricultural fraternities and get more active in the industry. She interned at Pioneer H-Bred International as a Supply Planning and Logistics Professional while in school, and worked for John Deere & Company as a Complete Goods/Aftermarket Coordinator and AMS Technical Representative. These positions led to promotions as a Production Planning Supply Management Specialist and Marketing Product Specialist Representative.

Carolyn followed her goal of starting a small family farm right after graduation. She has been in charge of daily operations and equipment/land acquisition since then. Visit her website at carolynmcbeth.com for additional information!


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