Nightmares And Dreams

I have learned how to better

wear these pains on my skin,

how to hang them from my


and make charades

of the nightmares that haunt me,

so that you might witness

that which you cannot truly see

I have gone so far

as to explore the places

within me

otherwise left behind

locked doors

Be patient with me

And I promise you will see

That which I do not yet understand


– Nightmares in Charades



Can we meet again?

In a few years?

In another life?

When I have learned

The hurt of losing you

Because I am

Looking at you now

And I already know

That I do not appreciate,

Do not care for you

The way you deserve to be

But I would say goodbye

Shatter this heart with my own hands

If you would allow me that glimmer

Of hope

That I might find you again

When I can worship you

The way you deserve

to be loved

– Can We Meet Again?


Author: Kathryn Herron
Email: kateherron815@gmail.com
Author Bio: Kathryn currently attends Carleton University for English Literature and Language, while also pursuing a Concentration in Creative Writing and a Minor in Medieval and Early Modern Studies. She lives with her wonderful roommate and temperamental cat, and frequently spends her free time attending odd events around the city.
Link to social media: Instagram @literary_distillery | Twitter @lit_distillery


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