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32 years.

So many people.

But there is no memory like you.

You’re different.



Of course.

They all meant something.

But you,

You had meaning.


So there is this collection of you;

And I have it.

I built it.

Moments of you,

Of clear visions,

Of sounds.

Not altered by time;

Not by 15 years.

Just You.

You at your best.

Did you know that I would remember you this way?

A child, enjoying you.

Could you feel that as you were happening

I was recording?

Did you know that I was recording your details?

Did I notice?

That I only noticed the best parts of you?

Did I realize then,

What I would remember now?


I don’t think so.

I was there and there you were

Did you know that I would remember you this way?

It’s really nothing fancy,

Just a smart child,

Noticing the details

The details of you.

Your sauce;

Your numbers;

Bingo, on Easter.

City Chicken;

That necklace;

That Italian horn necklace.

Nothing fancy.

But I was smart;

A smart child, noticing the important.

15 years.

And here it is.

You, on paper.

Did you know that I would remember you this way?

A 32 year old woman,

With the collection of what that smart child recorded.

The best parts of you.

The details.

The details I favored and know well.

Now you know that I remember you this way.

Now you know what I noticed.

Nothing fancy,

Just a smart child,

That noticed your details.





Author: Michelle Hout
Email: michellek729@hotmail.com
Author Bio: I am a 32 year old mother of twins and obsessively grateful for all that I have been blessed with.  This piece depicts that part of a person that sticks with you. Although much time may have passed since you lost them, the memory is so clear. Norma was my grandmother; a person so important, a person I loved so much that I knew the bits and details.







by Michelle Hout

Struggle, motherhood, love, work, growth...this is a woman. See what it tastes like.

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