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Advice From The Secret Psychiatrist: Live And Let Go

Letting go of people can be terrifying. Losing someone you are attached to is like letting go of your own finger. It can be difficult to allow yourself to care for someone, especially when you do you open your heart and life to them. We hate to be left behind or let go ourselves. We want the safety net of the individual to be with us, to fall back on them when needed, and to telephone when we need to hear a comforting voice.

But we need to remember and re-focus ourselves that sometimes no matter how much we want to keep hold of this special person that its not in our stars for them to remain with us forever. Whether they want to leave, we have pushed them away, or they have been taken away from us, we need to let go with the same care as we held onto them. It is like grieving. It is hard and excruciating. We cannot keep certain people close to us if they don’t want to be. It would be wrong to keep hold of them so tight when they want to be free from us. It is selfish of us to keep them agains their will.

If an individual doesn’t want to be in your life anymore, then let them walk through the door and close it tightly behind them. Of course try and keep the attachment, if you can, but you will know in yourself when it is time to let them go. You cannot keep punishing yourself in trying against all hope to keep them with you. They need to live their life as do you. If they are to come back in your life then it will happen, but please don’t force it repeatedly, as you will be stuck living in the past and never be able to fully step forwards yourself. That is no life to lead. You met this individual, and so you can meet another one.

Life is unpredictable and we need to accept it. We are not in control of everything nor everyone, as much as we would like to predict the future and keep things the way we perceive them. Everyone has their own path whether we are part of it or not. We need to cherish the memories of what was and look forward to the future of new memories.

Live and let go, save yourself from yourself.



The Secret Psychiatrist is a female doctor and psychiatrist working currently in London. She has a degree in medicine and philosophy, and has founded her own charity based in Romania helping children with learning disabilities. She enjoys sharing her tales of her journey throughout medicine into the land of asylums across the world. When not working, you will find The Secret Psychiatrist traveling through the jungles of Peru or surviving earthquakes in Nepal. Being published internationally for her work in medicine and psychiatry, The Secret Psychiatrist is a keen writer, currently working on her children’s books. The Secret Psychiatrist welcomes readers to contact her with any questions relating to health, lifestyle and diet questions to help you live a more positive fulfilled life.


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by The Secret Psychiatrist

I am. Female psychiatrist in London, with a degree in medicine and philosophy. I have been published internationally for my writing and am part of a mental health podcast. I enjoy travelling and trying new things!

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