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Sunday scaries meet holiday scaries! You’re here. Right smack in the middle of the holiday craziness. You might be post Christmas, mid Chanukah and pre New Years Eve and let’s be honest there is just A LOT going on.  Maybe you’re feeling post holiday blues and the ever pending new year anxiety already kicking in. Well, Harness babes.  I want to remind you that to it’s okay to feel all of the things you are feeling at this current moment.

If you’re overwhelmed, anxious, grateful, stressed, lost, happy, sad (insert any emotion you may be feeling at this very second) that is OK!  So often we are taught to repress how we feel and just power through. That we, as women, are weak if we are too emotional, or feel things too strongly. That we are bragging if we boast about how happy we are. However, if we don’t own our feelings and truly let them be felt, how can we ever be fully present and self-aware? What a disservice to not only yourself but to others around you if you aren’t able to just feel all those things and recognize where you’re at.

Being self-aware gives us the balance that we need during “normal” times, but is crucial in order to take on all the chaos that comes around this time of year.

So take a moment, be still, and check in with yourself. What is the little inner voice telling you not only about how you are feeling, but what you need at this current moment? Listen to her, she knows you best!

P.S. If you need a little reminder, here is one of my favorite quotes:

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Author: Megan Shubitowski
Social Media: @megshubs


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  1. Thanks Megan for the reminder! As women we often feel like we have to seek permission. As a therapist, it is one the amazing things I get to experience with my clients, when they are like I don’t need permission, I give myself the permission and allow themselves to sit with those emotions/thoughts. It is truly a beautiful awakening moment!

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