Shiny Black Coffin

I dreamt.

I closed

The lid

Of my own

Shiny black coffin.

A former self

Had passed away.

I carried.

I dragged

The burden

Through the streets

Of my childhood

Asking for and seeking

A burial ground

Without any

Such luck.


The dead weight

Of the past

Is a heavy load

It’s still attached to me

But I’m ready

To lay it

To rest.

Give me

The plot of Earth

Next to

My former heartache,

Alongside of

The deceased fears

That used to choke

My well-being

And my pursuit

Of love.

The time has come

To lower the skeleton

Of what used to be

Into the eternal

Wormhole of lost youth.


As mother and daughter

Accept the beauty

Of new blossoms

With a ripened fragrance


The evolution of self,

The breath of air

Which sustains

This goodbye

Is sweeter than most,

Longer than most.

And when the pink

light from the setting

Sun of this season

Draws closer

To the horizon,

May we all return

To the bounty

Of this resting place

With comforting

Slivers of remembrance

Sticking themselves

Within our minds

Within our souls

If only for an instant

Before we pull them out.


The hovering thunderclouds

Threaten our peace.

But as we all

Come to discover,

The rain delivers


Just as

The tears grant us


In our own

Relentlessly sorrowful

Relentlessly joyful

Circles of rebirth.





Author: Kate March
Email: kate@iam-dining.com
Author Bio: KATE MARCH is an American multi-hyphenate artist and entrepreneur based between Hong Kong and New York City. Ms. March is a performance artist, director, writer, choreographer, speaker, and producer. She received her BA in Performance/Choreography from Connecticut College (Summa Cum Laude) and her MA in Choreography from Middlesex University in London (Highest Honours). Globally acclaimed, her art has been described as visionary, interactive, provocative, and powerfully bold. Ms. March is the founder and creative director of the all female international creative collective I AM.

Through her work with I AM, she not only develops innovative performance concepts and redefines dinner theatre, but also continues to perform across the world in a variety of unique projects in Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, China, Australia, the Maldives, and America. Recently, Kate March was nominated for the “Revolution Award” as part of the annual local theatre “HKELD” awards. In 2016 Ms. March was selected as the Artist in Residence at Hotel Vagabond in Singapore where she spent a month creating a new piece of site specific performance work. Notably, her most commercially successful work An Evening of Meat was performed in London for a 10 weeks run in March 2018 at the Vaults Theatre.

​Outside of I AM, Ms. March explores her artistic voice through passions for performative monologues, dance on film projects, theatre production, and academic lecturing. In 2015, Ms. March delivered a TEDx speech in Hong Kong which launched a series of inspirational speaking engagements. In addition to speeches on love and uncertainty, her most recent commissioned speech was about pleasure and was delivered for an audience of 700 people at the 2016 Hong Kong ORGASMO event which supported the HK Arts Foundation.

​Ms. March’s dance on film work UNDER | WATER featuring dance, fashion and dynamic cinematography has been selected for several Film Festivals in 2017. In addition to directing, producing, and performing in countless movement based concepts, Ms. March has also written, produced, and directed several evening length theatre pieces. One of which particularly premiered to great acclaim: Love Pings (HK Premiere October 2015). Love Pings is set to tour in Asia in 2017 and is set to premiere in NYC by 2019 (lovepings.com).
Finally, Ms. March has also acted as a part‐time lecturer of movement improvisation at the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts from 2013-2015 where she remains a guest lecturer for both the BA and MFA programs

Link to social media or website: Instagram @iam_katemarch | Website http://katemarch.com


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