Small Town Stars

where are you from

they ask


not here

i say


so far?

they inquire



i think


because cornfields feel millions of miles

away from concrete

and there are no stars

in the city


i left and looked in my rearview once

maybe twice

at the place

that raised me


and taught me

that you should be quiet

and marry a boy

on the football team

and settle down

and be happy


and i didn’t listen that much

and i chased my own stars


and ran from those fenced fields

and minds made up

toward something i couldn’t see

and i’m happy here

without the boy

or the quiet

or the settling


but i will tell you

sometimes i look up

and i do miss the stars



Author: Olivia Adkins
Email: oliviamuguetteadkins@gmail.com
Author Bio: 22-year-old creator, writer, wonderer, student, avid shoe-wearer.
Link to social media or website: http://livunapologetically.com

by Olivia Adkins

22-year-old creator, writer, wonderer, student, avid shoe-wearer.


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