Spring Cleaning

Everything I’ve ever needed has always been in my possession

but the space between my rib cage

has been a cluttered, dusty attic

filled to the brim with heavy baggage and painful memories

pulling down the ladder and climbing inside the cavity wasn’t voluntary

it was something I had to do

the longer days and warm air called upon me to move

but like all spring cleaning

it takes time to sort through everything

a constant battle between

resisting the desire to shut the door for another year and climb back down the ladder

or the compulsion to just throw everything out and make peace with what is lost

so you sit with it

you sort through it

you have too much coffee and not enough food

you laugh at the happy memories

and you don’t even go through that box (you just know it belongs in the trash)

in the past

at the bottom

you keep a few things because you think you should

and bit by bit you can see the floorboards where the boxes used to be

you’ve made eight trips to the dumpster, physically moving things out of your life

out of your space

out of your heart

when you’re done, you open up the window

you sit on a box filled with books

you marvel at how warm the sun feels

how fresh the air is

you don’t beat yourself up for having held onto so many things in the first place

but rather

look at what you’ve kept

what has survived

what remains

knowing that in the future

its time may come too

to honor without attachment

and to be patient without expectation





Author: Diana Matthews
Email: dmatthews16@live.ca
Author Bio: Diana’s unrelenting passion for feminism and the empowerment of women and girls globally is the guiding force behind all she does. Most recently, Diana was the associate producer and distribution director for Dream, Girl, the documentary showcasing the stories of inspiring and ambitious female entrepreneurs. She is also a mentor for GIRLZ, FTW—an international mentoring organization that matches high school and college girls with female leaders. Born and raised in Calgary, Canada, Diana recently moved to New York City and now calls Brooklyn her home. She has a deep love for connecting with others, and strong interests rooted in community development and mentorship.
Link to social media or website: https://www.instagram.com/dianavoyage/


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