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Stop defining your worth


by the amount of money you make,


by the presence or absence of someone in your life,


by the unmet or met compliances that your society, culture or education so blindly wraps you into,


by the boxes you tick on your to-do lists,


by the things you think you miss or have been unfairly deprived of,


by the people who accept you or don’t,


by the expectations of your mental laboratory about your future and present,


by the imperfections you find in your body and thoughts each day,


by the amount and quality of your sex or love life,


by the words of approval from other people,


by the traumas inherited from confused parents,


by the struggles you face each day,


by the emotional reciprocity or the absence of it,


by the statuses, likes, comments, successes, achievements,


by the hustle and grind,


by the age and lost opportunities,


by the pain others make you feel,


by the doubts that sometimes eat you up from within.


These things shouldn’t define your worth.


You are born with the unaffected and unconditional right to be treated as a person worthy of


happiness, respect and love!


Don’t let anyone or anything take it from you


including yourself!




Author: Svetlana Fedorova
Author Bio: Svetlana is a Sensuality Coach who created a unique program “Sensual Intelligence” helping women unveil their hidden world of sensuality, creativity, and sexuality.
Link to social media or website: Instagram @svetlanasenses


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  1. I really needed this reminder today – thank you for writing and sharing this! <3


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