Strengthening Intimacy in Relationships: Tapping Into Honesty and Exploration

Physical and emotional intimacy between couples is something that needs to be built and sustained. So if you find that you need to shore up and spice up your relationship, it’s good to find healthy ways to do so. What are some good ways to strengthen your relationship’s intimacy?

Naked Honesty

When you lie to your partner, you put up a wall that keeps you from being truly vulnerable and closes the avenue for growth. It also pokes holes into the emotional and physical intimacy that you’re trying to build. If you want to wrap yourself in the full acceptance of your lover, you’re going to have to be fully honest. The same goes for your partner. Talk about your fears, desires, or fantasies—no matter how silly or inconsequential you think they are. Take time to listen to your partner, too. Intimacy only blooms if both partners are honest and receptive.

Cooperative Exploration

If you’ve talked about any fantasies, it’s good to explore them safely. Fantasy is more than just putting on costumes or acting out a role. It’s all about understanding and supporting each other on something that’s highly intimate. So if the fantasy does involve roleplay and props in the bedroom, it’s recommended that you explore them together. Take time to go online and look at scenarios and costumes. Talk about what sort of toys work best or would like to try out. Once you’ve reached an agreement, test it out together. This doesn’t just increase intimacy, it generates memories together that strengthen your emotional and physical bonds.

Regular Check-ups

No, this doesn’t refer to going to a doctor regularly (although you should make that a habit). It has more to do about checking up on the status and health of your relationship. Much like a plant you’re growing or home you’re building, it helps to check for cracks or vulnerabilities. That way, you can offer support or come up with a plan for the path of least resistance and fuller growth. It’s also a great way to check the progress you’ve both made so far.

Every step you and your partner take toward strengthening your intimacy is another stone you place in your relationship’s foundation. It is never easy to push beyond your comfort zone—physically and emotionally—but it’s necessary. True growth and health only occur when both partners decide that their relationship is worth being vulnerable over.

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