Structure Of Perception

It followed that the houses

were empty


misshapen, as though

the builders


had a miscommunication



with the architects

whoever was responsible


for seeing this through

gave up


I wonder about them

Did they walk


to the pier? Did they watch

the waves and


did they want to be other

than they were?


How specific was their desire?

Did they


for instance, have a name for it

like disappear,


or reappear, revisit, worry,



abscond, obliterate. How to name

the thing? Looking


for language that fits experience



Better to find it soon, to settle

on metaphor


The pier offers something,

extending across calm water,

its rough wood is


almost a boat,

almost a way to leave.



Author: Kasey Johnson
Email: kejohnson@pnwu.edu
Author Bio: Kasey Elizabeth Johnson is a third-year medical student. She is interested in the intersection of race, class, gender, mental health and addiction in literature and in healthcare education and practice. Her writing has been published in Bodega Magazine, Bone Bouquet, Corium Magazine, Paper Nautilus, Prick of the Spindle, Saranac Review, among others. She holds an MA from the University of New Mexico and a BA from Reed College.


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